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We have a large selection in stock of power wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. Our power wheelchairs are by Golden Tech . Our manual wheelchairs are from Everest & Jennings and Invacare and they are for sale and for rent. Standard sizes are 16" by 16", 16" by 18", and 16" by 20". Heavy duty wheelchairs are also available. Wheelchairs are covered by most insurance plans and we will bill your claim.
We also have adjustable leg rests, wheelchair cushions and other accessories.
If you do not see the style you would like we can order one for you. Just give us a call or stop by and we will be glad to help.

Manual Wheelchairs

We carry manual wheelchairs from Everest & Jennings and Invacare and Drive. Bariatric wheelchairs are also available. We have many different styles in stock depending on your specific needs. Our manual wheelchairs are for sale or rent. Stop by our Home Health Equipment showroom to see our selection.

Transport Chairs

Lightweight aluminum transport chairs allow for easy transfer of the patients from one area to another when a patient is not able to propel themselves using the wheels of a manual wheelchair. Lightweight frames make easier lifting for caregivers too.

"The Transformer" Wheelchair/Transport Chair

Convert from a self propelled ultra light wheelchair to an assisted transport chair with the simple push of a button! Patients or caregivers can remove the 24" rear wheels and convert to a lightweight transport chair easily with quick release axels.

Buzzaround XL GB117D


LiteRider PTC GP160 & GP162

Portable budget friendly power chairs!


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