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Medication Flavoring

We offer a service of medication flavoring by Flavorx that is specifically designed to make hard-to-take liquid medicine easier to swallow.

It can even be added to over-the-counter medications. Just ask our pharmacist. Our flavorings are non-allergenic, sugar free, sodium free, and dye free.

Custom-Flavored Medicine. How Cool is That?

We eliminate medicine-time struggles
by letting your child choose how medicine should taste.

While the Flavorx does make it easier for children to take their medicine it is also suitable for parents and grandparents too. We an unlimited number of flavors so you can choose the one you or your child will like best. But, don't worry; while the flavoring does make the medicine easier to take it is not formulated to make the medicine taste like candy.
Medication flavoring is also available for the four legged members of your family with flavors like chicken, beef and turkey.



Bubble Gum




Grape bubblegum


Orange Cream


Sour Apple

Strawberry Cream


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